Tech News – Super Mario Maker 2 is making its way to Switch this June


The original Mario Maker for Nintendo's under-appreciated Wii U console was one of the best games in the platforming plumber's entire legacy, allowing users to create and upload their own crazy levels (usually in an attempt to stump other players in the game's passionate online community). It was also followed shortly after by a Nintendo 3DS port. 

Now, Nintendo has announced a surprise sequel to its creativity-focused title with Super Mario Maker 2 set to arrive on Nintendo Switch this coming June. 

Announced at the top of the company's latest Nintendo Direct earlier today, Super Mario Maker 2 brings with it a host of new features and placeable objects, including the ability to add slopes to levels for some classic butt-sliding action. 

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It also appears that a new theme based on Super Mario 3D World has been added to the game, allowing users to place clear pipes and don a catsuit for wall-climbing, which should bring some fresh new approaches to level creation.

While the original Mario Maker made use of the Wii U gamepad's second screen and stylus for swift item and platform placing, Super Mario Maker 2 will bring all of its tools to a single, primary screen with the implementation of new pop-up radial menus.

It's expected that Super Mario Maker 2 will employ similar touchscreen-based controls to its predecessor, though the game's first trailer doesn't explicitly show this – we'll surely find out more in the lead-up to its June 2019 release.

Check out some screenshots of the upcoming game below.

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