Tech News – Score super low bills on iPhone 11, Samsung S10 and more with Tesco's January sale


Whether it's forcing yourself into the gym, attempting months of healthy eating or trying to save money, New Year's resolutions are hard. But if yours falls into the final of those three, we might have found an offer to help you kick-start the new decade on a budget.

Taking some of the world's best smartphones and bringing the prices way down, Tesco Mobile is helping the UK get on budget with their phone contracts. With everything from the Samsung Galaxy S10 to the iPhone 11, there's a whole lot of choice available.

And, considering prices are starting from around the £10 a month mark, you really can go low on your costs right now.

Head to Tesco Mobile to take advantage of these deals 

However, in order to get the bills this low, there is a bit of a compromise you'll need to make: you'll be tied in to a 36-month contract. For the commitment-phobes not ready for that pretty hefty contract, we completely understand…it's a long time! You can find the best alternatives with our best mobile phone deals.

However, for those looking to go as cheap as they can on their phone, you can find out more about these Tesco Mobile offers below.

These Tesco Mobile phone deals in full:

  • iPhone 7 | £19.75 £15.99 a month | 500MB data | 5000 minutes and texts
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 | £35.99 £32.99 a month | 2GB data | 5000 minutes and texts + free Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
  • Samsung Galaxy A50 | £18.99 £16.99 a month | 1GB data | 5000 minutes and texts
  • Huawei Y6 2019| £12 £10 a month | 24 month contract | 500MB data | 250 minutes and 5000 texts
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus | £41.99 £38.99 a month | 2GB data | 5000 minutes and texts
  • iPhone 11 | £34.75 a month | 2GB data | 5000 minutes and texts 

How does a 36-month contract work?

Tesco Mobile is often able to offer some of the cheapest mobile phone deals around, but this is mainly due to its 36 month contracts. At its base, this is just exactly what it sounds like – a three year plan. 

But, while some might find a 36 month contract to be a bit heavy on commitment, for others it will be perfect. You'll get the same cheap bills for three years and when your contract ends, you can upgrade, go somewhere else for your phone or keep the phone and just pay for your data allowance which only cost you a few quid a month.

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