Tech News – Need more data? Circles.Life is offering Aussies 100GB for just AU$28 per month


If you're one of the many data-hungry Aussies that keep going over their current monthly mobile cap, newly-arrived telco Circles.Life has an offer you simply can't refuse.

Until 1pm on November 14, if you sign up with Circles.Life on its SIM-only plan, you'll get a whopping 100GB of data every month for the first year for only AU$28. What's more, there's no lock-in either, so you can leave whenever you want.

After your first 12 months, the data cap will drop significantly – back down to 20GB – but even that is reasonably good value for such a small monthly fee, and because it's not a contract plan, you can jump ship after the first year if you find something better.

Check out more details on the plan offered by Circles.Life below (and be sure to enter the 100GBFOR28 code at checkout to get the special offer).

Just recently, we wrote about Circles.Life's 20GB for AU$18 introductory offer that we found very impressive, and that's still live until November 30 if you want to save even more on your monthly mobile plan… and aren't so desperately in need of huge slabs of data.

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If you want to see what it would cost you to get at least 100GB of data on SIM-only plans from other networks (and how few options there are even are), check out the comparison table below and weep.

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