Tech News – Moto G8 could be the first Moto phone with a pop-up selfie camera


Following the quad-lens Motorola One Zoom and the action cam on the Motorola One Action, there might soon be another first for the brand in terms of cameras, with its first pop-up camera having just been leaked.

An image shared by XDA Developers shows an unnamed Motorola phone with a single-lens camera popping out at the top-right, while another shot shows there’s no top bezel, notch or punch-hole.

Based on the home screen this phone seems to run Motorola’s standard take on Android, rather than Android One, but beyond that we can’t tell much else about the handset.

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Assuming the images are genuine, there are two obvious candidates for what this phone could be. One is the Moto G8 or Moto G8 Plus, a pair of phones that we aren’t expecting to see until early 2020.

The other is an all-new entry in the Motorola One range that's not currently on anyone's radar. Given that this handset is seemingly not running Android One that’s less likely, but not impossible – the US version of the Motorola One Zoom, for example, doesn’t use Android One. As a new entry in the Motorola One range it could also turn up at any time.

We would of course take the claim that this phone exists at all with a pinch of salt, although this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Motorola phone with no bezel, notch or punch-hole leaked, so there’s a high chance it’s real. We’ll update you as soon as we hear more.

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Via TechAdvisor

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