Tech News – Google Stadia leak suggests free version coming next year, but 4K will cost you


Just hours before the Google Stadia launch, pricing details have already leaked for the upcoming streaming platform and the information suggests it'll even offer a free version.

According to Canadian newspaper La Press (via Kotaku), the Google Stadia will offer both a subscription service as well as offering users the opportunity to purchase games individually. 

How much for Stadia?

La Press reports that when the Stadia launches in November 2019, it will offer a subscription at CA$11 in Canada (roughly $9, £7 or AU$11) per month. 

This paid option will allow users to access some Stadia games at 4K resolution/60FPS but won't cover the latest games, which you need to purchase separately.

However, the report says there will also be a free option for Google Stadia launching in 2020. The "Stadia Base" model is completely free, but only lets users play at 1080p resolution.

Image credit: Google

That may mean you'll have to watch adverts to be able to play games, but at the moment there's no clear idea of how the free model would be funded.

Stadia's launch lineup is said to include Doom Eternal, The Division 2, Destiny 2, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and the two proceeding games in the latest Lara Croft trilogy.

Alongside the subscription, Google is said to be selling a top-end version as well called Founder's Edition that will come with the latest Chromecast Ultra alongside a Google Stadia controller and three months' subscription to the service.

Google Stadia is designed to allow you to stream games rather than play them on a console of computer, so all you should need is a Chromecast in your TV to access titles through the cloud.

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