Tech News – Google Pixel 4 deals have shot up in price…except this ace £23/pm offer on EE


As Christmas came to a close and we launched into the new decade, retailers selling the Google Pixel 4 seemed to have run out of festive joy with prices flying up on the latest handset from Google….with one exception.

For anyone looking to snub the high flagship prices around right now, we've tracked down a Google Pixel 4 deal offering monthly bills of just £23. And despite those low bills, the upfront cost comes just under £100. 

Of course, this is by no means the cheapest Google Pixel 4 deal we've ever seen, an almost identical deal from the same network was running around with a far lower upfront cost just weeks ago but as far as prices go now, this is market-leading with ease.

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The Google Pixel 4 offers a number of innovative features and major upgrades. It's the first phone to fully implement motion sense features, allowing you to use the phone with gestures.

The processor has gotten a major upgrade, finally bringing the Pixel range up to competitive standards of RAM, and the OLED screen has seen major improvements, now capable of 90HZ refresh rates and offering ambient EQ technology that lets you adjust the screen to your environment.

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