Tech News – Get this super cheap new Huawei P20 Pro deal for just £20 a month


What would you say to paying just £20 per month for one of the best phones to come out last year? If you're answer is a resounding yes then get excited as this isn't a hypothetical situation.

This cheap tariff comes to you from phone retailer, which is offering the Huawei P20 Pro with 2GB of data for just £20 per month and £230 upfront. Yes, the upfront may seem like quite a lot but we've got a little trick to help out there, too.

If you use our EXCLUSIVE discount code HUWMOBTR at checkout (probably best to copy and paste it!), you'll knock an extra £25 off the cost making the price a lot more comfortable and brining the total two year cost down to under £700. When you consider the fact that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 is set to be released with a SIM-free price of over £800, you quickly realise just how incredibly cheap this deal is for a flagship device – S10 deals on contract are inevitably going to be hundreds of pounds more.

So if your mind is now stuck on cheap monthly costs, check out this Huawei P20 Pro deal in full below. Or if you can't see yourself paying that much upfront, try our Huawei mobile phone deals page for the best alternatives.

This cheap Huawei P20 Pro deal in full:

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