Tech News – Apex Legends Season 1 battle pass might launch later today


A top Twitch streamer has hinted that Apex Legends Season 1 battle pass could launch later today.

This comes from ‘Shroud’ (real name Michael Grzesiek), who when streaming yesterday, cheekily suggested that the big update could arrive today (March 1).

As Dexerto spotted, Grzesiek enthused: “I’m excited for the update for this game. Just wait, if it comes out tomorrow, it might, who knows, they might surprise you. I have no idea, I don’t know anything, I have no knowledge, I’ve never played this game before. Ever.”

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So yes, we are positively swimming in salt here, because all we know for sure about Season 1 is that it will begin at some point in March (and last for three months).

Technically, of course, March 1 is as viable a potential release date as any, and there has been plenty of buzz on Reddit about the launch happening immediately. Plus Shroud does likely have access to insider info, by all accounts (he was certainly a pre-launch tester).

The other theory is that developer might want to drive hype and excitement for the game further right now, to run interference with Fortnite’s new season 8 which has just kicked off. And a surprise launch of the battle pass would be consistent with the way the game was introduced out of the blue by Respawn.

We shouldn’t get carried away here, but there certainly remains a possibility that we will see Season 1 kick off later today, or maybe very shortly – perhaps next week.

With the new season, we’ll see the introduction of new loot and weapons – the only fresh gun so far has been the Havoc rifle – and of course a couple of new characters.

Apex Legends leak Octane

Image Credit: Voeno (Reddit)

Adrenaline junkie

One of the stronger rumors is that in the latter category, a chap called Octane will be arriving, complete with a passive ability to heal over time (when not taking damage), and a tactical ‘stim pack’ adrenaline boost that allows you to move 30% faster for six seconds and be immune to any slowing effects (while costing 10% health). His ultimate is supposedly a jump pad that catapults players through the air in some manner.

Those abilities have previously been pointed to by clues found by data miners rifling through the game’s files, plus they seem to be balanced enough powers, with the passive and tactical having a synergy that seems to ring true enough.

That said, again, we need to exercise a lot of caution here, as the leaked image on Reddit which provided these details could easily be an exercise in Photoshoppery.

Since the initial post, a second Reddit thread has shown an alleged image of Octane next to a similar-looking silhouette of a character in the distance that appears towards the end of the Apex Legends Gameplay Deep Dive trailer – when the narrator talks about the ‘next champions’ – which is further potential evidence to consider.

Obviously, there’s a lot of guesswork and potential red herrings here, and who knows whether the info on Octane will actually pan out. We may not have long to wait to find out, though…

Some leaks do turn out to be the real McCoy – like when the map for Apex Legends was spilled nearly a year ago in Reddit – and others, like Crash the Humanoid Bandicoot, very probably won’t (ahem). Though the latter may give PC players a good chuckle, with there still being plenty of complaints littered throughout Reddit regarding the game’s instability. Hopefully that’s something the next big update will tackle.

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