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Hello, everyone. My name is Charlie. I am going through a horrific situation in my life, and I need your advice!

My best friend Ricky and I grew up together. We met in kindergarten and, since then, we’ve studied at the same schools. It’s been kind of cool going through school all these years with my best friend. But when we started high school, everything changed. After our summer break, I called Ricky the day before school started to arrange our yearly tradition: watching a movie at the theater and then hanging out together and playing computer games. I had spent the whole summer at my grandparents in Texas, so I was excited to see him and tell him about a girl I met at my grandpa’s little shop and find out about what happened during his summer break.

However, Ricky said he was busy getting ready for the next day. “We’ll talk tomorrow, alright, bro?” he said. That was weird, there was nothing to prepare for because the first few days are usually the most relaxed days, with plenty of free time. Anyway, the next day Ricky was genuinely happy to see me. He listened to all of my stories about my summer adventures in Texas, smiling in amusement. But when it was his turn to tell me about his summer, he just said: “It was fine. Nothing exciting happened.”

That was actually a clue that I didn’t notice at the moment. As days passed, Ricky started to act like he was somebody else and he was not as happy as usual. I would see him reading the newspaper daily (which he never used to do) and jump every time his phone rang with a call or a message. Whenever this happened, he would move away from me to make sure I couldn’t hear him. If I asked who it was, he just answered: “Oh, I don’t know.” I even started to think that he might need a brain scan or something like that. I mean this was unusual behavior. It was like he was sick.

One Saturday afternoon, we were in his room playing video games. He was usually an ace, but this time he didn’t seem to care, so I was winning. I ended the game at the top of the list, so I jumped out of my chair in excitement and accidentally hit a pile of books on Ricky’s desk. Some of them fell down and a photo slipped out of one of the books. I was about to pick it up when Ricky jumped up like a ninja and grabbed the photo from my hand. “Don’t touch my things!” he yelled at me angrily. I think he was scared. I assured him that it was an accident and tried to calm him down: “We have been friends forever. You know you can trust me, right?” He nodded in silence, and I decided that it was time to leave.

On Monday, at the end of the school day, Ricky and I were in the classroom getting ready to go back home when his phone buzzed with a message. When he read it, he got pale, and sat back in his chair. I asked if he felt OK and he said he needed to go to the bathroom. “Let me come with you”, I said. “No, no. It’s nothing. I’ll meet you outside,” answered Ricky, leaving the classroom in a hurry.

I went outside and waited for 10 minutes. But Ricky didn’t come out. I decided to give him five more minutes before going back in to check on him when I saw Hannah, a girl from our class, and asked her if she had seen Ricky. “He’s around the building talking to some dudes,” she said. I rushed to the corner and saw Ricky in a car with a couple of guys I had never seen before.

Ricky did not know I saw him. So when I called him late….

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