Stuck in Ice with No Food, They’d Only 4 Months to Survive


Hey guys! Do you like incredible survival stories? Then you will definitely like this one! Point Barrow, Alaska, 1897. It was the height of the whaling season. Ships full of men plied the cold Arctic waters. With hopes of fortune in their eyes, it was usually a smooth and highly profitable business. But this time, everything went terribly wrong…

That September, 8 vessels became dangerously trapped far to the North. This year was an abnormally harsh winter. The extreme cold had frozen the seas, and the ice had bound the ships like chains. 265 whalers were all alone in this icy desert, their ships slowly being crushed to a pulp, the endless cold wind howling in the background. The thermometer read -49°F (-45°C). No matter how many clothes the sailors put on, the cold still got to their bones.

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