Strict Rules Gordon Ramsay Forces His Daughters To Follow


Gordon Ramsey is known for his insane temper across his incredible cooking shows – but is he the same at home! Find out with the incredibly strict rules he forces his daughters to follow!

Gordon Ramsya might seem strict on TV but it’s nothing compared to the rules he makes his five children follow. The “Master Chef” and “Hell’s Kitchen” star owns many upscale restaurants and has been on a number of television shows, but he doesn’t let his kids benefit from any of his privileges or his $220 million net worth. They aren’t allowed to work or even eat at his restaurants, and he doesn’t give them any of his money other than a modest $100 a week allowance. To get this allowance they have to be model children who cook, clean, and never swear. It might seem like a lot of pressure but maybe Gordon Ramsay is onto something..

Gordon Ramsay’s rules can sometimes get a little ridiculous, including rules about who his daughters can date and whether or not they’re allowed to be vegans. He also has rules about letting them fly first class and he forbids them from using fancy town car services. Instead, they take the bus– and they also pay for their own phones and clothes while they’re at it. Despite his strict rules, the Ramsay children insist their father is a “teddy bear” at home, and since they’ve all grown into charity-supporting model citizens, their parents must be doing something right. For all the details of Gordon and Tana Ramsay’s crazy rules for their children, check out our video– and stick around until the end to find out what Gordon Ramsay thinks about his kids following in his famous footsteps.

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