Stores Started Replacing Plastic With an Unlikely Source


Are you aware of the fact that every piece of plastic that was ever made still exists on this planet? Yeah, let that sink in. It takes from 50 to 200 years for plastic wraps to fully break down. Go to any grocery store, and what will you see? Yup, that’s right – plastic everywhere. Plastic pollution is no joke, and people all over the world are trying to find ways to reduce it. And some of them are quite creative!

For example, the owners of a supermarket in Chiang-mai, Thailand, came up with an ingenious idea: instead of plastic, they use banana leaves for packaging fresh produce! A chemical engineer from Mexico, Scott Munguia, founded a company that transforms avocado pits into biodegradable utensils, and another chemical engineer Sharon Barak, invented “fake” plastic which has a reduced decay period!

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Banana Leaves: By Perfect Homes Chiang Mai,
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We’d like to thank Perfect Homes Chiang Mai, for the photographs of Banana Leaves provided for this video.

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– Banana trees grow in every part of Thailand, and their leaves, which can be up to 9 ft long, are available all year round. Thanks to their waxy, non-porous surface, they’re waterproof. They’re resistant to the moisture from juicy veggies and fruits and won’t spill any hazardous liquids like toxins or dyes back into food.
– Customers absolutely love the idea! They support it by choosing items wrapped in it over those packed in plastic.
– Scott Munguia founded a company that transforms avocado pits into biodegradable utensils, and so far, this eco-friendly business is thriving. Almost 80% of the items the company produces are exported to the US, Canada, Peru, and other countries.
– The company makes two types of product materials, namely one type that biodegrades within 240 days, and another type that is compostable, needing to be placed in a composting bin to break down completely.
– Another chemical engineer – this time from Israel – Sharon Barak, also made a huge contribution to solving the problem of plastic pollution. After mixing different components, she finally came up with 100% eco-friendly materials that easily dissolve in water and become part of nature.
– This biodegradable plastic substitute can be used for anything you can think of – food packaging, bottle manufacturing, and any other purposes that regular plastic is used for.
– Canadian artist Russel Maier comes was traveling through the Philippines and saw that all the plastic garbage was being taken to the beautiful Chico River and burned. The man was so astonished by the magnitude of the plastic problem that he started thinking about a way out.
– That’s how the eco-brick movement was born and many communities support it by making their own plastic bricks.
– Eco-bricks keep plastic out of the ecosystem and prevent the contamination of the environment.

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