Solve One of Riddles to Prove You’re New Sherlock


Let’s imagine that you get lost in a desert, or have to face a brown bear or an angry elephant. These situations are rather unreal but what if they actually happened? What would you do? Would you make the right decision and survive these 20 dangerous situations? Solve these survival riddles and prove you’re all tough guys!

Btw, guys did you know that it’s natural for our brain to try to preserve its energy? Funny enough, but our brains are the laziest things in the world! When we make our brain work, it actually doesn’t feel very enthusiastic and tries to resist in every possible way. But laziness leads to degradation. By solving riddles daily, we give our brain a “work-out,” and sharpen our logic, critical thinking, and imagination.


Get rid of the poison 0:01
Lost in the desert 0:40
Volcanic eruption 1:10
Crazy scientist 1:45
Supervillain 2:21
Angry elephant 3:02
How to get water? 3:36
Stuck in the wild 4:12
Mysterious biologist 4:42
Three tanks 5:17
Expedition to the North Pole 5:52
Water Room 6:29
Angry brown bear 7:00
Trapped in the freezing North 7:27
Venomous snake bite 7:55
Huge tornado 8:22
Waiting for firefighters 8:58
Abandoned castle 9:33
Creepy professor 10:10
Ancient cave system 10:50

Music by Epidemic Sound

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