Solve 10 Detective Riddles to Prove You’re Smarter Than Sherlock

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Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles: and solve 10 detective riddles to prove that you’re smarter than Sherlock! You can easily solve these brain teasers if your IQ is above average! Check out your skills and test your brain! Solving riddles is one of the best ways to keep your mind young and sharp. That’s why I recommend you solve riddles for at least 20 minutes every day! After a few weeks, you’ll crack puzzles like nothing 😉

00:00 – Here is the first riddle to test your IQ!
John, “Honey I’m home.”
John, “Mexico was awesome! I signed up at a language school, my teacher says my Mexican is already pretty good!”
John’s wife knew he was lying. How?

01:09 – Boost your brain with this logic riddle!
Anything better than camping with friends? How about camping with riddles! Look, a cauldron of water, with a key at the bottom. If Lucas gets the key without touching the water, Tom’ll give him his watch. If not…Lucas has to cook for everyone. How’s he gonna do it?

02:13 – Another brain teaser to test your critical thinking!
Waiter, “It’s from that table.” Who’s this handsome young man? That seems to be going well. Is something wrong? Why did she leave?

03:20 – Test your detective skills!
Mrs. Pringle was on vacation for a month. Where are all her jewels?
Postman: “I brought her post everyday…everything was fine.”
Granddaughter, “I came over a bunch to water the flowers… I didn’t see anything weird.”
Cleaner, “I cleaned twice a week. Everything was fine last time.”
Who’s the thief?

04:34 – This hard riddle will test your attentiveness!
Andy: “Best birthday surprise ever! Me!”
Andy’s girlfriend: “I wasn’t expecting you… I was asleep… Come on in.”
Andy: “I need the bathroom real quick…”
Andy: “You’re cheating on me!”
How did he know?

05:44 – Test your math skills with this fun puzzle!
Ugh! Math teachers, giving out way too much work!
Student: “Please…Can we get out early today?“
Teacher: “Ok… Here’s the last task. Solve it and go!”
What can you put between 2 and 3, so you get more than 2, but less than 3?

06:47 – Boost your logical thinking!
Gina won a beauty contest. Oh no! Someone poisoned her food… Which dish? Here’s a hint! What has poison in it?

07:45 – This riddle on crime will increase your detective skills!
Mr. Gilbert, “Someone attacked my wife!”
Mr. Gilbert: “I was at work. I left the cook and cleaning lady in charge.”
Cook: “I was making dinner… Lobster!”
Cleaning lady: “I finished cleaning and was cutting the roses in the garden.”
Which one’s super suspicious?

08:51 – These tricky pictures will blow your mind! Who’s richer?

09:33 – The last brain teaser will make you think hard!
Meet Mr. Thick, the elementary school principal! Someone stole his son’s phone…hmm.
Jeremy: “I had a crazy day at work…I was teaching chemistry when the theft happened.”
Jacob: “The principal’s son is a total prankster…but I wouldn’t steal from him. I was mopping the hallway at the time.”
The policeman detained one of them. Who?

How many of these simple puzzles did you solve? SHARE your ANSWERS in the COMMENTS!

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