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On social media, we have seen lots of numerous videos regarding any individual. It seems that to become a popular personality or social media fame, social users can do anything in their life. Most of the social platform users are known for creating vulgar or inappropriate content on social media to become popular personalities but because of their actions, they could also face a big problem in their real life.
Siskaee Viral 73 Detik Twitter
Recently, a woman faced a big issue from police after her video went viral on social media because of this, she is facing some legal action from police. If you want to know about this incident, let’s check it out.
As per the recent sources, a woman named Siskaee has captured a huge spotlight in a day after her video went viral on social media, and netizens are searching for the video and want to know about the viral video.

The video shows the girl is standing in the parking lot of Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA), Indonesia and it was recorded in the video that she removed her T-shirt and shows her breast towards the airport area to attract the people there. After this, the video went viral on social media and captured the massive attention of the netizens.
As we can see in the viral video, there is a watermark on the video with some words “OnlyFans Siskaeee” and it seems that the girl belongs to the OnlyFans page. No sooner did the video come to the notice of police than police took legal action against the girl. Let us tell you that OnlyFans is the only platform on the Internet where various online exciting bold content videos and photos are available.
After the investigation began, it is found that the 1 minute 23 seconds long video belongs to the OnlyFans account named Siskaee. The video was taken from the OnlyFans website to share on social media platforms with others.
With all of this, the woman is also identified as Siskaee who is a fugitive from the Kulon Progo Police and the video was investigated by the Special Crimes Unit of the DIY Police after the video at YIA Airport went viral on social media.
There are lots of videos found on her OnlyFans account where some videos consist of inappropriate content. Well, the girl has been taken into custody by police and the girl was also seen with police holding pictures from her video. To know more updates, stay tuned with us.

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