Secret Sports Cars That Were Never Made


Bugatti, Ferrari, Lambo and Porsche likely are at the top of your mind for your favorite sports or hyper car. But did you know about all the car models they never released?

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With self-healing cars, and real-life transformers, the future of the automobile industry COULD be here already – but first, the companies need to stop holding onto their secrets! For a number of different reasons, manufacturers have kept potentially-groundbreaking supercars under wraps. Maybe they didn’t want to get us too excited…

Alas, those secrets are now uncovered! These lightning-quick, super-sleek cars never made it onto the production line. For the moment, they remain nothing more than a dream. Although that could very well change – sooner than we realise we could be behind the wheel of roofless Bugattis and roaring hypercars cleverly disguised as humble city slickers. Buckle up, cause you’re about to discover the secrets of the sports-car world.

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