School districts explain how decisions are made in the cold – WAOW

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — Every student knows snow days, but what goes into making the decision to cancel classes? 
For the Wausau School District, a temperature of minus 40 degrees with wind chill is the required temperature to cancel classes. 
They said that the decision is easier to make now that virtual learning is the new norm, but they still want to let parents know about the decision as early as they can. 
“So, in response to what the community wants and what just makes sense, in letting families do a little bit better job of planning, we really try to make that news public as soon as we possible can.” said Bob Tess, Chief Financial and Business Officer at Wausau Schools. 
He said that even if parents don’t feel safe sending their children to school in inclement weather, they can still always opt for a virtual day, without missing any education. 
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