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Make the best presentation you can
Roblox is a pretty fantastic game if you’re looking to roleplay a fun scenario. You can see this in your ability to get pets, defend towers or become a strongman. If you’re after Roblox Presentation Codes, here’s what you should know.
As of right now, there are very few active codes for you to use. Roblox Presentation Experience is only a few months old so it is still growing right now.
Here’s the only code available for you to use right now:
Roblox Presentation Experience is a unique game mode created by just two developers that allows players to pretend to be students giving presentations. You must go up front and give a presentation on a subject chosen at random.
For every 3 seconds you do a presentation, you earn points that can then be used to distract your opponents. You can spend them to fart, scream and cough your way to victory.
This is all about roleplaying and rewards committing to the bit and messing with your friends. Since its release, it has seen over 23m users and shows no signs of slowing down. We will update you right here as new codes come out.
There are currently no expired codes for you to find in-game right now.
As more arrive, we will update you right here.
To redeem codes, you first have to boot up the game. You can do so via this link. From here, click on the Twitter icon and copy and paste any of your codes from above. If they don’t work, make sure to let us know and we will look into it.


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