Real Plane Lands With 92 Skeletons On Board!


An actual air plane landed with 92 skeletons on board and it was a total mystery to the air traffic controller who went on board to verify! One of the weirdest true stories in an airport ever!

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Welcome back The Richest fans! Today, we have an urban legend for you that’s filled with plot twists and paranormal elements. In 1954, a flight took off from Aachen in West Germany. This was a Santiago Airlines Flight 513. It was destined for Porte Alegre in Brazil. There was nothing unusual about this situation. Flights like this happened all the time. The flight was only meant to take eighteen hours. Yet instead, the plane disappeared on its flightpath. The airplane was considered tragically lost in the Atlantic Ocean. The story picks up again at the Porte Alegre airport in Brazil during 1989. The missing Flight 513 would now make its descent after 35 years! However, instead of the 88 passengers and 4 crew on board, there were 92 skeletons!

In the video, we’re going to go over all the known details of this spectacular event. Such as accusations of a Government conspiracy as they apparently cover-up the truth. We’re also going to look at how a flight can disappear for so long. We’ll bring up a classic Stephen Hawking theory of wormholes. We’ll even take a gander at how a wormhole functions. Also, how the Bermuda Triangle and wormholes are connected. We’ll also look at the possibility of aliens and UFOs or another supernatural force causing all this havoc. Finally, we’ll bring up a similar story with Pan American Flight 914. So, is this a mystery story or a hoax? Well, watch the video and see what you think.

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