Real Heroes! 3 Things People Should Know About C- section Mothers


There are 2 ways of giving birth to a brand-new life: by natural birth, or by a C-section.

Usually the women who had C-section aren’t provided the credit for what they’ve gone through, people don’t have the idea that they are also expose to danger.

This has to change, natural or surgery they are still mothers and they both put their self in danger, just to give birth to their young one as safe and sound.

Here are the 3 truths everyone should know about women who had a C-section:

1. They expose themselves to the dangers of a surgery
Even though common in today’s society, a Cesarean section is still considered a surgical procedure. There are many things that can go wrong during the process and then there’s the danger of complications. The future father and the closest members of the family aren’t allowed to be present in the room during a C-section, which leaves the mothers alone and without much-needed support. The feeling of solitude is surely dreadful, and the fear of complications makes things even worse, which is why these women need to be respected.

2. They don’t know if everything is okay until they leave the operating room

For women who had a C-section, the risk hasn’t ended when the baby comes out. Until the next morning, they are left wondering if everything went well. During the process, the mother doesn’t feel pain, but can feel everything that goes on in her stomach. It’s an unpleasant and traumatizing experience, but women endure it knowing how big the reward is.

3. They carry out the recovery as heroes

Once the baby is born, parents turn their complete attention to it, which includes serious planning and logistics that can be very tiring. Imagine doing all of that while still recovering from the C-section. The discomfort and inconvenience lingers on for some time, making a mother’s job increasingly more difficult. This is something that gives even more strength to the mother – they experience unknown levels of pain, but develop an internal strength that can’t be compared to anything else. They are doing it all with a smile on their face just to see their baby doing well. And that’s the biggest reward they can have.

Let’s have a round of applause for these brave women! They shouldn’t be hiding the scar on their stomachs, because that scar is the evidence of a grand battle they won and to be proud of.

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