Put Alcohol Soaked Cotton In Your Belly Button And Get Rid Of Many Diseases


According to the alternative medicine, this is probably one of the most effective methods of home medicine when it comes to relieving pain.

It’s simple procedure that doesn’t require any special efforts.

With putting alcohol-soaked cotton in your belly button, you will recover faster from common cold, flu, coughs, abdominal and menstrual pain.
All you need to do is to take some cotton, soak it in 50% alcohol and put it in your belly button.

This home remedy will help you to relieve your pain and relax the entire body.

The treatment can also be used if you have flu, cold or muscle soreness and its much better choice than the conventional medicine.

You can use the same method to relieve menstrual pain too, you just have to lie down and press your belly button gently with your hands.

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