Pushups From Level 1 to Level 17 — What’s Yours? (See If You’re in Top 5%)


Exercising regularly is the best thing you can do for your health, but there is always something that gets in the way of us doing this. For example, one of the main reasons people quit their memberships at gyms, according to statistics, is the high cost. But there’s a great way to always be in shape without having to leave home or spend a penny. Pushups! They can be a great alternative for mass building exercises and can be done at home without any fitness equipment.

You probably know that there are different types of pushups. You can modify them to make them a bit easier or you can make them even more challenging by turning your torso to the side as you go down, for example. Okay, whether you’re a push-up pro or beginner, there’s something here for you. By the way, how skilled are you at pushups? Let’s find out which level you can beat in a single go!


Level 1: Knee pushups 0:01
Level 2: Incline pushups 0:24
Level 3: Cushion pushups 0:50
Level 4: Standard pushups 1:23
Level 5: Decline pushups 1:48
Level 6: Triceps pushups 2:33
Level 7: Pseudo planche pushups 3:02
Level 8: Wide-form pushups 3:30
Level 9: Rotating pushups 3:49
Level 10: Hand release pushups 4:14
Level 11: Climber pushups 5:00
Level 12: Blast-off pushups 5:30
Level 13: Grasshopper pushups 5:57
Level 14: Dive bomber pushups 6:29
Level 15: Clap pushups 7:06
Level 16: Elbow combo pushups 7:45
Level 17: Thigh slap pushups 8:07

Music by Epidemic Sound

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