“PUBG Mobile Lite had a huge player base in India, which is why I want BGMI Lite to release soon”: Vivek “ClutchGod” Aabhas – Sportskeeda

Developing a good career in professional battle royale gaming might be pretty challenging due to intense competition in today’s esports world. Hence, Vivek “ClutchGod” Aabhas is not only competing in prestigious BGMI tournaments like Red Bull M.E.O Season 4, Battlegrounds Mobile India Series, and more, but also preparing for his 12th-grade board exams.
ClutchGod is part of the BGMI roster of GodLike Esports and has had a trail of wins ranging from Skyesports Championship 3.0 to LOCO War of Glory: Grand Finals. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, he talks candidly about his journey in the gaming world so far, his love for LAN tournaments, and more.
The start of my esports journey was not the easiest. I started playing PUBG Mobile when I was in the 10th grade, so it wasn’t easy to manage studies and gaming simultaneously.
My first major tournament was after my 10th-grade board exams. I had only met my roster for the first time a couple of months before the first major tournament. We practiced together and participated in our first LAN event in Jaipur.
Since we were new to this field, we did face some challenges but were always confident that we could do well in the event, which we did win! It was an unreal experience because it opened new doors in life for me. At that moment, I decided what I wanted to do in life — become an esports athlete.
I played my second tournament, PMCO Fall, with Soul. Even though we had only practiced for a week, we still managed to reach the finals, but unfortunately, we could not win it. We also went to play the Worlds but could not perform well as we were not well prepared for it.
Then, I came to India and played for RVNGC for a brief period. After that, I joined Entity, which eventually became TSM Entity. My first tournament as part of this roster was the PUBG Mobile Pro League, where we finished as runners-up.
Finally, in 2021, I joined GodLike. The journey has been full of ups and downs, but I am grateful for all the opportunities and constant support from fans.
Esports in India is still at a nascent stage, so it is not considered a viable career option by many. However, I do believe that the situation is getting better. It is vital to educate parents and society that gaming and esports are more than just mere hobbies.
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After my first tournament, I had a conversation with my family about giving esports a shot as a career option. It is something I am very passionate about.
They were very understanding and allowed me to take a break after my 10th standard to focus on esports. It has been two years since I started playing professionally, and it has been a wonderful experience.
Yes, after the ban, the day I started playing again, it took me at least a week to catch up. If any gamer does not play regularly, they will not improve and will be the same as before they stopped playing.
Even though everything is fine now, if PUBG Mobile had not been banned, I believe the esports level in India would have been much higher than what it currently is. Since we could not fathom if the game would come or not, our position did get hampered globally.
Regarding BGMI, it is obviously better to have something rather than nothing. The game is developing slowly, and the experience is going smoothly.
I guess it’s both a yes and a no. A few casual players will try and play both since they play for fun, but those who are actual esports players will not switch.
It is a 50-50 chance. If there is an opportunity in PUBG New State, veteran players will most probably switch. Aside from this, I don’t think PUBG New State will affect the popularity of BGMI.
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I have played for three teams, the first being Revenge Esports, the next Soul, and the other is the current line-up. The first two had one thing in common: I got to experience LAN, which is absolutely crazy.
The LAN experience is by far the best part of the entire esports. This is the one thing that I miss the most. I have great memories of winning tournaments in my previous rosters.
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We won four consecutive tournaments, not official, but currently, the most prominent events.
The best aspect, in my opinion, is the expectations that we have. It has become so high that second position in any tournament feels disappointing. This motivates us to aim for the first position in every tournament. We are not demotivated at any loss and never lose hope.
I have good synergy with everyone, including the editors and the manager. We have been together in the boot camp during the pandemic and have improved our bonds.
From spectators and casters to in-game equipment, the tournament scenario has changed a lot since 2019. The ambiance is a bit poor as the audience always wants to heckle players and their performances.
For example, after winning four tournaments, if there is a drop in performance level from our side, the Indian audience starts posting negative comments on social media. They need to understand that such statements affect the mental health of competitive esports players. Before, it was a lot better, but now it has gotten out of control and needs to improve.
The other aspect is that LAN tournaments are not being conducted, which is sad. Since we have competed a lot together before, hopefully, the ambiance will be better in the future.
I played one match yesterday, and honestly, it was pretty intense towards the end. It is good as it makes the competition and the experience of us playing the tournament even better.
Coming to preparations, we as a team tried not to make any mistakes from our side and play with the best mindset. With every match, we try to do better and better.

When you compete in a tournament, at any stage, every team tries to win. In this competition, of the 16 teams (64 players), anyone can win if they have the will and dedication. This is why when we fight with any team, we treat them with respect. So every other side in the lobby is a tough competitor for us.
PUBG Mobile/BGMI has an insane fanbase, and it has not died down since the ban. There were a lot of players who did not have decent devices and played PUBG Mobile Lite. Even now, BGMI needs high-end devices to perform well, and not everyone can afford it.
So players with low-end devices who want to experience BGMI find it unfair and at a disadvantage due to choppy frame rates and other issues. It would be best to release a lighter version so that everyone can enjoy the BR game to its fullest.

My main focus is vested in esports, but I am also ensuring that I do not neglect my channel. I have currently put my livestreams on a break as my 12th board exams are coming up. However, I will be dedicating myself to livestreams once I finish my studies and get free time between matches.
I am also planning to upload vlogs, gameplay videos, and montages.
First things first, you need to find teammates who can dedicate their time to the game, work out proper strategies, and have a strong desire to win. If a team lacks these requirements, you would be lucky even to win a tournament or two.
If you do not have the hunger and drive to be the best, you will never be successful. Even if you lose a tournament, never doubt your teammates and lose hope.
Anything can happen in a match. A team at the bottom of the scoreboard can turn the tide and rise to the top at the very last moment. Putting in the hard work will always yield results. Keep grinding with your teammates, and do not neglect your other obligations.
If you are a student, make sure you focus on your studies and never neglect them. It has become quite challenging to get into PUBG Mobile esports due to increased competition. Dropping out of studies and focusing entirely on gaming is not a good idea. You are not hopeless and can always have esports as a side hustle.


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