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Project EOE is NetEase’s latest online multiplayer survival game. It’s currently beta testing on Android in Canada. More information about the beta tests in other regions should be arriving soon.

Introduction of Project: EOE

Project EOE is the latest creation from NetEase. NetEase is a Chinese video game development company that has produced many quality games over the years.
Project EoE is a multiplayer online game. It is a weird sandbox survival title that features PvP and PvE modes. Sandbox games are a genre that lets the players make changes in the virtual world at their will. You can build your shelter, fight monsters, partner up with your friends and compete with other players for rare limited resources.
If your game lags or crashes, check the internet connection or close all the background apps for smoother gameplay. Since currently, the game is only available on Android, it is recommended to play on a device with a Snapdragon 845 or higher.

Early access is only available in Canada

Project EoE’s early access version is only available for download in Canada through Google Play. NetEase is calling this early access or beta test version The Technical Test of Project: EOE. Early access means the game is still under development. Any bugs or suggestions made by players will be taken into consideration. Project EoE doesn’t support controllers or simulators yet. Since it’s a beta test, all the progress and player data will be deleted after it concludes.
Update: NetEase has closed registrations, which means new players cannot download the game. However, the ones who have downloaded and logged in can continue to play.

Project EoE release date

People from other regions and iOS users will have to wait for further announcements. There’s no information about its global release either. Let’s hope they will unveil more details soon. You can also visit its Discord or Facebook page for more details.


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