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These prison riddles will wake up your brain, test your IQ, and improve your critical thinking. With this video, you will exercise your brain and speed up your thinking. I hope you will enjoy this new type of brain exercises! Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below 😉

Meet Frank Morris. He has an IQ of 122 (top 2% in the country!). His parents abandoned him when he was just 11. As you can guess he had a tough childhood. He has been in and out of prison ever since. He even escaped from one while serving 10 years for robbing a bank. Now he’s been recaptured and sent to a high-security prison! This high-security prison is located on an island, just 1 and a half miles from the shores of a big city. From the prison yard, Frank can see the city’s skyline. He can almost see the people walking freely along the shore, drinking their coffee or reading a book but none of them even know he exists! The water that surrounds the prison is insanely cold and the currents are strong and rough, it’s about as deadly a swim as anyone could imagine. Your heart would stop after just one hour of hard swimming.
Let’s have a look at the prison itself. It’s a maximum-security prison for the most ruthless criminals and the most secure one in the world. The island contains several buildings: the cell blocks with all the detained prisoners; on the right there’s a small recreation yard from which you can see the skyline of the city. To the left of the cellblocks is the warden’s house. There’s building #64 where the military officers and their families live. On the northwestern side of the island is a social hall for the workers and their families. The industrial building serves as a workshop and a laundry facility. On top of that, there’s the water tower, a lighthouse, and a power station. All around the perimeter is a squad of strategically placed snipers in tall towers. Their aim is perfect, and they definitely shoot to kill. The prison has one guard for every three inmates (four times more than an ordinary prison). The cellblocks themselves were built about 50 to 60 years ago which makes them very old! There are three main blocks (A, В and D), a library and a dining hall. Every cell is about 9 by 5 feet, just enough for one person. Inside the cell are a bed, a desk, a toilet, a sink, and an air vent the size of a shoebox. The vent leads to an unguarded utility corridor which leads to the roof of the cells. Right above it is a ventilator that leads to the roof of the entire cell block. From the rooftop, there are various pipes that lead down to the ground. The 3 cell blocks are surrounded by a fence. Past the fence is a foot-path straight down to the water. But remember, the air vent in every cell is way too small to fit through! An armed guard does a headcount of everyone in this block, every day, every 2 hours. There is no way to access a weapon, even the forks and spoons are laid out after each meal and carefully counted. If anyone thinks they can smuggle something in the showers, they’re dead wrong! Showers are only twice a week and a haircut once a month, all under the watchful eye of the security staff.
Now let’s see how Frank is doing. During his first days on the inside, he made friends with two brothers who were caught busting out of the state penitentiary. After that fiasco, they were sent here. He also became friends with the inmate in the next cell. One day Frank decided that this prison just wasn’t for him. I mean, awful food, no exercise (just a 5-hour walk in the yard once a week!). Nothing to do but to sit in his tiny cell for years on end. Just awful! He talked to his three friends and they all decided to see what they could get hold of. One of the brothers worked at the prison barbershop and the rest worked at the workshop two days a week. Frank and his friend next door (I mean next cell) also signed up to learn to play the accordion. The four of them met up one day to see what they had managed to get. Here is what they got: one spoon…

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