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Pokemon Unite’s newest battle pass is available, and it includes various music-themed cosmetics for players and two of the playable Pokemon.
Pokemon Unite’s latest battle pass has been announced and is already available. Following on from the oddly timed Sun, Sun, Sunshine battle pass, which concluded on December 19 and had a summertime theme despite starting in early November, the new one is titled Agent of Disaster. Judging by the announcement trailer and the cosmetics players can unlock, it appears to be going for a music/jazz club theme.
The new Pokemon Unite battle pass will be available up until some point in January 2022. There’s no hard end date but considering the last battle pass ran for over a month, the Agent of Disaster battle pass will likely wrap up towards the tail end of January.
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A full list of what the battle pass contains can be found on Serebii and the most important rewards are the new cosmetic items for players’ avatars and Pokemon. For the player characters, fans can unlock costume pieces for a Masked Style, a Rock Festival Set, a Rock Set, and a Dark Suit set. Fans can get a glimpse of what they look like in the announcement trailer, showing a range of dark clothing. Three of the sets have a punk rocker vibe to them, while the fourth is a more formal suit befitting a swanky nightclub.
As for the two new Holowear, the first is another Holowear for Pikachu called Concert Style, which is the first reward available in the battle pass and gives it a fancy ruff and glasses shaped like music notes. This makes it Pikachu’s seventh Holowear, which can be frustrating for fans of other playable Pokemon like Alolan Ninetales and Wigglytuff, which only have one or two alternative cosmetic options. Pikachu is admittedly the mascot of the entire Pokemon franchise so it makes sense why it would get special treatment.
The second Pokemon Unite Holowear is the Dark Suit Style for Absol, which also makes it Absol’s second Holowear. This gives Absol its own suit, fedora, and golden necklace. Since players can unlock a Dark Suit for their avatar, this means Absol players can match their outfits with the Dark type Pokemon. It is the final battle pass reward at rank 60, however.
The Agent of Disaster battle pass has also coincided with the addition of Dragonite as a playable Pokemon. One of the original Dragon-types from the first set of games, Dragonite is a melee-focused all-rounder in Pokemon Unite. Since it arrived as part of the game’s winter event, it also has a winter themed Holowear where it puts on a Santa hat and Christmas themed sash.
Pokemon Unite is available for Mobile and Nintendo Switch.
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Source: Serebii
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