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Misty is a much different character in the anime compared to the games. Here’s what the two have in common, and how they each stand out.
The Pokemon anime borrows a lot from the game series, and while they might have some things in common, there are distinct differences between the two. Rather than directly adapt elements of the games, the anime serves as more of a re-imagining, with plenty of familiar faces who get considerably more exposition and development than their game counterparts.
As one of the first gym leaders players encounter along their Kanto journey, and one of Ash’s first companions, Misty is one of the most well-known gym leaders in the games. Having appeared in so many episodes of the anime, Misty has had the opportunity to grow and develop past her game equivalent. Here’s how the two of them compare.
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Misty is introduced in the very first episode of the anime, and would soon join Ash on his adventures throughout the Kanto region, becoming a mainstay of the original series alongside Brock. Misty would then play a minor role in the Ruby and Sapphire anime, but wouldn’t return outside of flashbacks until the Sun & Moon series.
As a member of the main cast, Misty’s character is explored much more in the anime than it is in the games. Game Misty is nothing more than an obstacle for players to overcome early on in their journey, while the anime puts Misty in a prominent role throughout her time on the show. Viewers get an idea of what kind of character she is fairly early on and watch her grow as the series progresses.
Misty can be very kind and optimistic at times in the anime but is known for having a short temper and little patience for things that annoy and frustrate her. This is toned down as the series goes on, though it did make for an interesting dynamic with Ash and Brock early on.
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As in the games, Misty uses Water-type Pokemon exclusively and holds every Water-type Pokemon in high regard. Though she is more or less indifferent to other types, Misty has a strong phobia of Bug-types in the anime which is often played for laughs. She has been shown to tolerate those that don’t have bug-like features or ones that she deems to be more aesthetically pleasing.
Misty spends the majority of her time as a member of the main cast as a trainer, like Ash. Though she’s a gym leader in the games, the anime sees Misty first work on improving her skills and bettering her understanding of her Pokemon before taking up the mantle of Cerulean Gym Leader. The anime gives Misty three older sisters; Daisy, Violet, and Lily. The trio is put in charge of the gym in Misty’s absence, though they aren’t as competent as their younger sister. Rather than simply give her the title of Gym Leader, Misty’s arc in the anime sees her grow into the role, learning from the various challenges she’s faced while adventuring with Ash.
Misty is much less prominent in the games than she is in the anime. Though she’s memorable as one of the first Gym Leaders players encounter on their journey, Misty has no relevance to the narrative aside from her gym battle.
Much like her anime counterpart, game Misty is always looking for ways to improve as a trainer. She has a strong admiration for the Elite Four’s Lorelei, which is something that has been carried over in other adaptations. She gains a little more characterization in the second generation games and their fourth generation remakes when players encounter her on a date at Cerulean Cape. Though it’s not a very significant interaction, it does at least give players some added insight into her personality outside of the Cerulean Gym.
Misty is one of the Pokemon franchise's most memorable characters and her long stint as a member of anime’s main cast is a big reason why. Anime fans have had much more time to get acquainted with her animated series equivalent, watching her grow as a character throughout her time on the show. While Misty plays a very limited role in the games, the anime benefited from expanding and building upon the foundation they established.
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