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A Shiny Run is a special playthrough where trainers can only use Shiny Pokémon. This Pokémon BDSP challenge can take thousands of hours to clear.
A Shiny Pokémon run in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will require players to have lots of patience to complete. As trainers begin to clear through their first adventure in the Sinnoh region, they may want to play through the game again with a few limitations. These are self-imposed rules to make the game feel more challenging. Pokémon titles have been historically simplistic and easy to beat, but these rules are put in place so players can customize their own gameplay experience. For those looking to complete a Shiny run, every single Pokémon the player adds to their team will need to be a Shiny Pokémon.
Shiny Pokémon are amongst the rarest creatures in the series. Every Pokémon in the mainline series has a Shiny form to collect. They feature new color variations and will display a special sparkle every time they are sent in battle. Although, the odds of encountering a Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon BDSP is 1/4096. There are a few different ways to increase these Shiny Odds like by using the Poké Radar item, but for trainers looking to start a Shiny run, there’s no way to increase Shiny odds at the beginning of the game.
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To complete a Shiny run in Pokémon BDSP, trainers will need to defeat the Elite Four and become Champion of the Sinnoh region all while having a team of exclusively Shiny Pokémon. Since finding a Shiny Pokémon is so difficult, this run can take trainers thousands of hours to complete. Finding a single Shiny Pokémon can take a few minutes to several months. It ultimately depends on the player’s luck. Fortunately, there is a way to get Shiny starters in Pokémon BDSP.
First, trainers should head into their settings and disable autosave and turn the text speed to ‘High’. Now, right before heading into the Lake at the beginning of the game, save directly before the entrance. This will make it easier to reset and save time between encounters. In order to obtain a Shiny starter, trainers will have to wait until they send out the starter they chose to battle. If it’s not Shiny, which it likely isn’t, reset the game and try again. The Shiny run cannot begin until the player obtains a Shiny Piplup, Turtwig, or Chimchar.
Since the odds are 1/4096, this means that every encounter has a 1 in 4096 chance of being Shiny. Shiny Hunting has grown to be a hobby for millions of loyal Pokémon trainers. Fortunately, Pokémon BDSP offers different Shiny Hunting methods that will make the run easier down the line. The beginning is the most difficult part since there’s nothing to do to change the Shiny odds. Regardless, completing the game with an entire team of Shiny Pokémon is exceptional.
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Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are available now on Nintendo Switch.
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