Perfect Mind Games For Those Who Get Bored Easily!

7-Second Riddles

Here is a set of perfect mind games for those who get bored easily! To improve your logical skills and enlarge your brain power solve tricky puzzles and quiz games every day. Easy short riddles warm up your brain, more difficult brain teasers give your brain a nice workout. If you can stay focused while solving riddles, then you’re probably good at mobilizing yourself!

00:14 – Which kid is a robot? What do you think? Here is a portion of the best comments to this riddle from my #RiddleSolvers 🙂
01:48 – Where is the cat with the pendant? A tricky brain teaser to speed up your brain and increase your thinking!
03:08 – A set of tricky logic riddles that will wow your brain and boost all your skills! Investigate these cases to prove you’re a PRO!
04:24 – Mrs. Lee was killed in her own house! The detective interviewed all family members to find the criminal. Who did it?
05:42 – A set of fun picture puzzles to test your detective skills and boost your logic! It moves from easiest to hardest, so even a kid would solve the first one; however, you will have to rack your brain hard over the last one!
06:58 – A thrilling riddle on logic only a genius can solve! Study the facts carefully to connect the dots and find out what really happened with Jim. This riddle is not for assistant detectives, but for PRO only!
08:25 – Which mom is more stupid? Check this portion of visual puzzles to test your attentiveness and logical thinking!
09:37 – What should he use to catch a fish? A short logic riddle to test your survival skills!
11:07 – You never expected anything like this! A cool (literally cool) picture puzzle challenging you to find a creature from the ICE AGE🐿 (no, not from the movie). How man of them will you find?
12:44 – An easy and short riddle to improve your thinking! Who is more stupid and why? I’m sure you’ll find the right answer super fast 😉

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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