Our Trash Found Where No Human Had Gone Before


Humans seem to have seen everything there is to be discovered on Earth. But is it really so? In fact, not in the least. Our planet hides so many secrets that we might spend another thousand years and still not see it all. And yet, recent discoveries make scientists all over the world ring the alarm bells: the Earth might be in more danger than we thought.

As you know, the deepest point on the planet is the Mariana trench in the Pacific Ocean. There have been many attempts to explore it. We have only found about 5% of creatures dwelling under the sea, and we’ve no idea what else can be lurking down there. And yet something has been found there. Something disturbing.

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The deepest solo dive 1:15
Discovery that shook the scientific world 2:58
Trash continent 4:07
Where do people mostly leave their garbage? 6:15
How we can deal with that 7:38

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– As you might know, the deepest point on the planet is the Mariana trench in the Pacific Ocean.
– Several people have gone to the deepest place there is in the world: the Challenger Deep. Its bottom is at 35,853 feet, which is deeper than Mount Everest is tall.
– One of these brave explorers was Victor Vescovo who dared the abyss in his submersible called The Limiting Factor.
– As he made another photo of the otherworldly seascape, he noticed something strange. And that was a plastic bag and candy wrappers.
– Vescovo’s discovery shook the scientific world, and researchers who supported him in his endeavor decided to run tests on the creatures he found down below to evaluate how much plastic there is in them.
– It appears that human waste has penetrated even in places where people themselves have no access to, and that’s a dangerous situation.
– Until today, people thought that pollution only concerned the outer layers of the ocean, but with the recent news the trouble seems to be much bigger than that.
– Some suggest that the map of the world should be updated with a new continent — a trash one.
– The patch spans about 580,000 square miles, and it was estimated that it contains 100 million tons of trash.
– Many countries of the world send their satellites into space, and that’s really a good thing: these devices help us get connected with the rest of the world, predict weather changes, and do a lot of other useful things.
– The amount of space garbage is about 7,000 tons right now. It sounds like a trifle compared to the Great Pacific garbage patch, but the alarming thing about it is that it keeps growing by 2-4% every year.
– There’s a method of trapping the ocean waste in nets that is affordable for anyone, so even you can participate in saving our planet! Moreover, governments across the globe also get actively involved in the process.
– Humans are not as careless as they used to be in the past. We are now conscious of what we’re doing to our home planet, and there are lots of people who help the environment.

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