For sisters, life is a never-ending circle of following and copying each other, sharing things, and communicating using sarcastic idioms. As we grow up, our disdain for our siblings grows into a strong feeling of love. It’s no surprise — you’ve gone through so much together! And at the end of the day, there is no one better than your sister, a person who understands all of your oddities and lets you be yourself. Here’re comics about the daily life of sisters that are hard not to relate to.

Trying on each other’s clothes throughout the years 0:10
She’s the one who understands your oddities 0:24
Copying each other’s behavior 0:35
3 main ways to communicate with your sister 0:54
The evolution of love 1:14
Sometimes moms tend to be more loyal to their younger kids 1:29
When she always takes the last piece 1:48
When they say something about your sister 2:07
Sometimes people can recognize you only because of your older sister 2:26
When you lose the TV remote battle 2:43
She always knows how to wake you up in the best way possible 2:54
Borrowing things without permission 3:09

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