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00:00 – Here is the first puzzle to warm up your IQ!
Sam: “I’m going to Comic Con!
Sam: “Can you believe it, Richard?”
Sam: “souvenirs, cosplayers, food, lots… lots… lots of people…”
Sam: “I’ll miss you, Richard… Goodbye…”
Old lady: “Excuse me, where’s the bus stop?”
Sam: “Ah … Uh … I don’t know!”
Sam: “This place is packed!
Is anyone leaving soon?”

01:12 – This short puzzle will trick your mind!
Jimmy: “Sup. I’m Jimmy. Cool if I sit here?”
Sam: “Who can live longer without water… A giraffe or a camel?”

01:57 – Speed up your thinking! What should Sam do?

02:52 – Boost your logic! Where should Sam spend this evening?

03:50 – Improve your critical thinking!
Jimmy: “Sup. I’m Jimmy. Cool if I sit here?”
Jimmy: “Do zombies exist in real life?”

04:33 – Think outside the box! How can you disperse this line of people?

05:21 – Try to solve this emoji puzzle before the time is up! Sam: “Hi… what’s your name?”

05:49 – Are they just friends? Or a couple?

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