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The Oklahoma Sooners seem to find themselves dominating the news cycle a lot lately. A month ago, it was a coaching change and now it’s the quarterbacks in the transfer portal. Caleb Williams entered the transfer portal on Monday, and the Sooners landed a commitment from former UCF quarterback Dillon Gabriel.
Caleb Williams may or may not leave via the transfer portal, but if he does, the Sooners have a legit starter to go into the 2022 season with Dillon Gabriel on board.
Social media was ablaze on Monday afternoon and evening with the transfer portal news. From players to media members to fans, everyone had thoughts on the Oklahoma Sooners quarterback position.
Just keep in mind: Caleb Williams would have been willing to walk on at OU when the #Sooners had Brock Vandagriff committed. He isn’t going to come back or not come back just because of Dillon Gabriel’s commitment.
— Jason Kersey (@jasonkersey) January 4, 2022

The fascinating question for Caleb Williams is this: which contenders can offer him a better situation than Oklahoma?
— Max Olson (@max_olson) January 3, 2022

— Jocelyn Alo (@78jocelyn_alo) January 4, 2022

Welcome to the ⭕️ https://t.co/d4mTeUUxCR
— kobie (@kobiemckinzie26) January 4, 2022

These former players tweeting about Gabriel’s commitment fires me up. Sooner Nation rocks
— Barstool Sooners (@OUBarstool) January 4, 2022

Don't beg, don't bend over, and don't over promise. Everyone wants to make it to the NFL no coaches system you got to can promise that. The development of the entire team also determines a players success. I was in the boat that didnt care when Riley left.
— Rufus Alexander (@CoachRufus42) January 4, 2022

A privilege to play the position at OU…Embrace it & let’s get it.🥋 https://t.co/j5YpfTqiwT
— Kyler Murray (@K1) January 4, 2022

Monday suck huh? 🤔
Todd Bates
Jay Valai
Dillion Gabriel
…all in an OU Monday #BOOMER 🔒
— Tattoo Baker 🎥✨ (@QB1TATT00) January 4, 2022

— Cale Gundy (@OU_CoachGundy) January 4, 2022

#OUDNA ⭕️🙌🏽
— nicco (@NickEvers12) January 4, 2022

The last #Sooners quarterback to win a national title was a left-handed transfer who decided at the eleventh hour to come to Norman and play under a first-time head coach.

— Parker Thune (@ParkerThune) January 4, 2022

I don't know what Caleb Williams will decide to do, but whatever he does, I will continue to support him on the field because by all accounts he seems like a genuinely good dude.
— Seth Oliveras  (@SethOliveras) January 3, 2022

UCLA fans, blame it all on Lincoln Riley.
— Mark (@markaduck) January 4, 2022

My fault Sooner Nation
— Theo Wease Jr (@_TheoWeaseJr) January 4, 2022

I’d guess that Dillon Gabriel’s decision means OU doesn’t expect to convince Caleb Williams to stay. If so, I love the move for Gabriel. He will be awesome in Lebby’s O. Prior to Williams entering portal, Gabriel was my favorite Qb transferring. He’s a gifted passer
— Rece Davis (@ReceDavis) January 4, 2022

OU’s ability to quickly respond to a gut punch with a galvanizing development has been quite impressive as of late
— Crimson & Turnipseed Machine (@CCMachine) January 4, 2022

That’s what we like to see!! #BoomerSooner #SoonerNation https://t.co/IasCkfdAwJ
— JACOB SEXTON7️⃣3️⃣ (@Jacob_Sexton_) January 4, 2022

I love Superman. But OU football is bigger than one man
— Barstool Sooners (@OUBarstool) January 4, 2022

Sooners Twitter today:
One really bad thing.
A lot of pretty good things.
We're alright.
— Mark (@markaduck) January 4, 2022

Gabriel coming is one of the best things that could happen for OU and Williams. Lebby can only spend so much time but Gabriel already knows the offense so he can help Williams off the field more. OU also gets a guy familiar w/the O if Williams goes down. #SpinCycle #BrightSide
— Billy (@TxBornSooner) January 4, 2022

Somebody said “Portal Kombat” 😂😂😂
— Michael Woods II (@TheMikeWoods) January 4, 2022

Despite all the drama, OU is still the best college football program this side of the Mississippi, and it's not close.
— Seth Oliveras  (@SethOliveras) January 4, 2022

Tbh 2021 taught me to have zero expectations 🤷🏽‍♂️
— Kanai™️ (@calebkkelly) January 4, 2022

— kobie (@kobiemckinzie26) January 3, 2022

I don’t see much benefit of Caleb leaving. Sure, explore, look at other schools. That may be what it takes to make a decision to stay but remember, there won’t be another school that supports you like the University of Oklahoma will. He’ll be apart of ELITE company forever.
— Brennan Clay (@BrennanClay24) January 3, 2022

Well unlike KD and Lincoln Riley, at least Caleb Williams had the decency to wait until *after* a holiday weekend.
— Brandon Rahbar (@BrandonRahbar) January 3, 2022

I mean, the kid's a starter for a perennial top 10 team. No one has mastered professional development for a QB. They come from Louisville, Cal, Fresno State, Texas Tech, Wyoming. https://t.co/hCgtEPfPNw
— Carey Murdock (@CareyAMurdock) January 3, 2022

Unlike y’all we have a foundation built at OU .. I hope he stay but if not we gon be jus fine I promise lol https://t.co/7mFlujWe9r
— Zack Sanchez (@Zsanchez33) January 3, 2022

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