Not Even Billionaires Can Get Their Hands On This Car…


Ever since humanity decided that drag racing with horses was kinda lame, we took to inventing something fast, robust and not powered by carrots. Introducing the humble automobile. Since its inception the car has evolved from ridiculously impractical and unsafe all the way through to the modern supercars of the future. While some people just want a car that gets them from point A to point B, others prefer the finer things on four wheels. And when I say finer, I mean 7-figure price tag kinda finer. What makes these rides so expensive? Apart from their precision engineering and high- performance specs, they’re often part of an ultra-limited batch – sometimes only a handful are ever made. This makes their rarity almost as impressive as their price tag. Ready to take a sneak peak at the coolest cars you’ll probably never see again? Let’s get it on.

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