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Dead By Daylight might be the king of the asymmetrical horror genre, but fans of Fornite  are putting their spin on the formula. 
Nightfair is a free Fortnite mode that transforms the battle royale into something resembling Behavior Interactive’s Dead By Daylight. Six survivor players have to outrun another player hunting them inside a big spooky theme park. Well, “spooky” is being generous as this mode maintains Fornite’s kid-friendly visuals. You don’t repair generators to escape like in Dead By Daylight either, but rather, coin-collecting is how the survivors escape. 
Indie developer Meta 4 Interactive created Nightfair  in Fortnite’s creative mode, and it’s available for free inside the game’s discovery tab. Or add it by island code  8342-0826-6393. 
Check out the trailer for Nightfair for yourself below.
There’s something dangerous in the wind.
Escape the wrath of TPK and do whatever it takes to not get hooked in this asymmetrical survival horror experience.
Play Nightfair, inspired by @Behaviour, built by @meta4interact now!
Island Code: 8342-0826-6393
🎥: @imblanky pic.twitter.com/e6nSL12rjM
— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) October 6, 2021

Many fans were speculating that all of this would lead to an official Dead by Daylight crossover with Fortnite, mainly because the Epic Games Store account was joking around about it on Twitter. To which the official Dead by Daylight  account responded. 
We've heard there's a new fair in town…?
— Dead by Daylight (@DeadByBHVR) October 6, 2021

Brand accounts play around on Twitter all the time, though, so don’t take this as a sign of things to come.
Written by Kyle Campbell on behalf of GLHF
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