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00:00 – Get ready to boost your brain! Mike, Karl and Hannah went to CIKEA. They wanted to spend the night! It’s a thing, trust me! But they weren’t ready for what was about to happen… 1st, they had to hide. Where can they hide? Where would you hide?

01:23 – Test your attentiveness! They ran around and made ridiculous Tik-Tok videos! When they got out, they saw some weird stuff in the videos. What’s wrong here?

02:11 – Another tricky puzzle to speed up your brain! That was creepy, but totally worth it! Their Tikok videos were blowing up. They were hungry after that. And Karl was ready! How about some hotdogs! Karl had to go to the restroom real quick. When he got out…his hotdog was gone! Karl: “You ate my hot-dog!” Karl knew who ate his hot-dog! Who was it?

03:00 – This short scary puzzle will blow your mind!
Time to wash their hands…for at least 20 seconds!
Mike: “Hey, pass me the soap.”
Mike: “Thanks.”
Mike was kinda freaking out as he headed to the exit… Why?

03:43 – Another puzzle that will scare you! Time for a movie! They chose a scary movie…and sat in the middle of the theater. After a while, Mike pointed at the screen. What. The. H#$l! What scared them so much?

04:23 – The next quiz will make you think fast! Screw this! A storm was brewing outside. They’d better get out asap! They were only 4 ways out of the mall! Which way should they choose?

05:30 – Learn to think fast with the next riddle! They made it out! But security spotted them! The race is on! What should they do?

06:29 – The last mystery brain teaser will stretch your brain!
So they got away…but that’s not where the story ends.
Guard 1: “Someone else could still be in the mall!”
Security searched around…they found a girl.
Guard 1: “I told you!”
A guard reached out to grab her. The other guard screamed!
Guard 2: “Run!”
What’s wrong?

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