New Robot ALPHRED 2 : Autonomous Legged Personal Helper Robot with Enhanced Dynamics | Inventions World


ALPHRED2: Autonomous Legged Personal Helper Robot with Enhanced Dynamics.
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ALPHRED2 is a multi-modal locomotion robot that can walk with 4 legs, 2 legs, hop, run, roll, and even use it’s limbs for picking up objects or pushing buttons. With four legs but no back or front, ALPHRED2 can run, jump, and punch through boards in any direction.

It is fast and can walk stably on uneven rough terrain. ALPHRED2 is powered by RoMeLa’s BEAR (Back-drivable Electromechanical Actuator for Robots) actuators which is compliant and force-controlled. It can use its four symmetrical limbs to walk and run like a quadruped, or it can use one of its limbs as an arm for pushing buttons.

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