New Mystery Riddles To Test Your Survival Sense!

7-Second Riddles

Here is a great set of new mystery riddles that will test your survival sense! Spend this day with Mr. Bold and help him make the right decisions! These mystery teasers will rack your brain and boost your intelligence to the max! Try to solve all the puzzles and increase your IQ to a new level šŸ™‚

01:24 – Which place is safe to live in? This riddle will wake up your brain and test your attentiveness and critical thinking!
03:27 – Where is the ghost? Test your attentiveness with these mystery visual puzzles!
05:12 – Which creature is behind the door?! Use your logic and critical thinking to solve this simple but tricky riddle!
06:39 – How many creatures are there? Spot all the vampires and zombies! Boost your attentiveness and check your math skills with this visual brain teaser!
09:22 – Solve the riddle or say goodbye to your brains! šŸ˜µ Crack the code before the time is up to stay alive!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the easiest for you!

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