My Puppy Disappeared But Taught Me an Important Life Lesson


Hey guys! Today, we’d like to share with you a story of our friend Dennis. As he says himself, it doesn’t show him at his best. But in his defense, it was something that changed him forever and, fortunately, made him a better person!

Btw, do you have a pet? Because that’s exactly what we’re gonna talk about. So, Dennis was an 11-year-old kid and pretty typical for his age. Liked to get a bit too carried away, didn’t quite understand the consequences of his actions. One day he got a puppy. And this is where it started.

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A little creature steals Dennis’ heart 0:23
Dennis gets a tiny Yorkie 1:48
The hardest thing 3:07
The fateful day 4:01
Neeka’s competitor 4:59
No reply, no Neeka… 5:47
What changed Dennis forever 6:51

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– My best friend’s name was Mikey, and one summer day, he came over to my house and said that his parents had agreed to get him a dog!
– Well, then Mikey got his puppy a few days later and invited me over to meet the little guy. My heart was stolen, and I wanted one for myself too!
– I talked my mother into getting me a puppy. So, not long after that, we found a tiny Yorkie, and I called her Neeka. We’d already gotten her lots of toys, a bed, and everything she’d need once we brought her home.
– During the next couple months, I spent all my time with Neeka. She seemed like the best puppy in the world.
– But much to my dismay, it wasn’t all about fun playtime. I tried to keep my word about training Neeka, but it was the hardest thing I’d ever done in my whole life!
– I remember taking Neeka for a walk to the park near our house. While she was sniffing around and doing her business, I ran into my classmate Jake. He was on a brand-new shiny bicycle.
– With just a few seconds of riding around, I was in love. Just like that day I met Mikey’s new pup, this bike became my new life goal.
– Everything played out according to my plan: I got the very bicycle I’d been dreaming about: big, fast, and with all the latest gizmos and upgrades.
– To tell you the truth, I really was spending much more time with my bike than with my pooch.
– I got carried away arguing with my friends about the benefits of the latest bicycle model when it started raining. They all headed home, and I started calling to Neeka… But she was nowhere to be seen.
– That night, I didn’t get much sleep. I just lay there in my bed staring up at the ceiling with tears rolling down the sides of my head, soaking my pillow through.
– I realized what responsibility meant and had to admit that I’d failed my first super important life lesson…
– When morning came, there was a knock at our front door. In a minute, my mom called out my name. When I came rushing, the first thing I saw was a woman I didn’t recognize with… a dirty, shaking, but alive Neeka in her arms!
– I now know that getting a dog isn’t just about learning responsibility. You’re also getting a friend who will love you unconditionally and deserves only the best!

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