My Minimal iPad Setup | Custom iOS Icon Design Tutorial 2021 (+ Shortcuts hacks!)

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This is my minimal iPad setup to make the iPad Pro even more productive. In this custom iOS icon design tutorial, I’ll show you how to install custom icons & productive shortcuts in iOS 14 – iOS 14.4 with Shortcuts or the Iconboard App, plus how to access files and folders directly from your home-screen!
Create this iPad productivity design to minimise distractions including using the Scriptable App, widgets and some great products from MacStories.

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My Minimal iPhone Setup | Custom Icons Tutorial iOS 14.3 (no shortcuts pop up):
The Best iPad Apps for Creators in 2020 | Tour My Favourite Apps:
The Creative Digital Journal | Best iPad Apps for Productivity 2021:

00:00 Custom iPad Pro: My Laptop Replacement
00:57 Custom iOS Design Tutorial Guide
01:26 1. Home-screen Setup Tour & Custom Widgets
03:35 2. How To Install Custom Icons: Shortcuts
05:26 How to Block iOS Shortcut Pop-ups
05:46 How To Install Custom Icons: Iconboard Profiles
08:27 3. Combining Shortcuts & Apps for Productivity
09:34 4. Open Files & Folders Directly from Your Home-screen
11:42 5. How To Create Blank App Folders!

MacStories FS Bookmarks Shortcut:
MacStories Icon Packs:
Nox Icon Pack on Reddit:
Blank Unicode Character:

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