Most Expensive Liquids On Earth


Some of these liquids are worth millions of dollars and even part of billion dollar industries! From supplies that can save your live, to weird creatures from the bottom of the ocean, wait t’ill you see what these are worth!

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Have you ever heard of golden blood? How much do you think the most expensive bottle of Champagne sold for?

Because of their rarity, opulence, and their importance to the survival of the human race, some liquids fetch millions – even tens of millions – of dollars per gallon.

The idea of liquid gold has transfixed us for generations. But what if we told you that there was a liquid even more expensive than gold? Actually, there’s not just one, there’s many.

From diamond-encrusted bottles of wine to animal venom worth more than your house, buckle up for an insight into the most expensive liquids on the planet!

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