Most Dangerous Tourist Hotspots On Earth


Tourist have been disappearing, and getting injure for centuries in some of these major tourist attractions. Out of all the earth, these are certainly the most dangerous!

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Adventure tourism has been increasing in popularity, but some of the biggest adventure hotspots are also the most dangerous places in the world. Tourists might have fun getting close to volcanoes in Hawaii, or feeding crocodiles from a wooden raft in Thailand, but things can go downhill real quick. That’s why only the bravest and most prepared people should ever visit any of these terrifying vacation destinations.

From a desert so hot it can burn your skin off to geysers that spew toxic gas, the world can be just as dangerous as it is beautiful. You might want a gorgeous view of mountains in China, but are you willing to climb the 7,000-foot-high path of wooden planks on Mount Hua to get it? Would you ever swim in a clear pool at the side of a rushing waterfall if you knew it could sweep you over the cliff at any second? And would you run with bulls in Spain if it meant you could easily get trampled by your fellow runners? These are all questions adventurers have to ask themselves before they brave these strange and stunning tourist destinations. From islands covered in snakes to abandoned ghost ships, you can be the judge of whether these adventures are insane or irresistable.

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