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00:00 – “Lindy, would you like to live with your mom or your dad?”
00:57 – Holidays with mom
01:21 – Holidays with dad. What can save you from a jaguar?
02:35 – Fashion with mom
02:59 – Fashion with dad. How did he do this?
03:46 – Bad grade with mom. How could she open the safe?
04:57 – Bad grade with dad. Who graded Lind wrong?
06:08 – Lindy in love. Who should she choose?
07:09 – First date with mom. How can you look real cute, real fast?
07:50 – First date with dad. What’s the most dangerous thing for Lindy, according to her dad?
09:30 – What did mom and dad do differently to calm Lindy down?
10:15 – Is Lindy gonna live with her mom or dad? SHARE your THOUGHTS in the COMMENTS!

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