Miraculous Cloves Of Garlic And Seven Bay Leaves Remove Negative Energies, You Will Do It Too!

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Many times in our home, bad things happen, fights and arguments because of the negative energies that may be in the environment.

Although it sounds a bit crazy, the energies can influence our lives in some way and can even cause problems and misunderstandings.

Surely you have ever noticed that being close to someone the environment becomes heavy and bitter, this is because the person brings bad energies and lets them flow into the environment.

Many do not believe that it is true, they do not believe that there can be energies around us but the truth is that these can be perceived with the body.

Today we bring you a homemade recipe to eliminate the bad vibes of your life and your home, you will see how the discussions end and the problems from one moment to another.

With just putting this into practice, peace and good fortune will reign in your home and in your entire family. The best thing is that it is very easy to make and with totally natural ingredients.

Recipe against bad energies based on this plant known as Laurel

7 cloves of garlic
7 bay leaves
1 liter of mineral water
1 funnel
1 small bottle with lid or cork

Fill your bottle with water and place the peeled garlic and bay leaves inside, cover the bottle very well and leave it in the visible place of your home.

You will see how the bottle in a few days absorbs all the bad energy and you will see little by little a change in the environment and the attitudes of the people.

You can even place it in your workplace if you consider it necessary and you will see how the environment changes in a very short time of having the bottle there, without much effort.

So you are skeptical you do not lose anything with this recipe completely natural, your home and your family will be greatly benefited, in a short time the good vibes will attract more and more good things.

Fortune is at the door of your house, you should only encourage yourself to try it.

Share this recipe with your friends and enjoy all their incredible powers against the bad energies of the environment.

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