Matt Hardy Confirms He Has Not Retired From WWE


Matt Hardy confirmed that, contrary to his recent social media activity, his in-ring career with the WWE isn’t over just yet.
“I took time off to heal some nagging injuries and I’ll be back sooner rather than later.
To Sportskeeda
According to, Hardy hasn’t been seen on WWE television since the July 30 episode of Monday Night Raw.
Shortly after, Hardy revealed that he was dealing with some injuries, including portions of his back fusing to his pelvis.
On September 16, Hardy shared a video to his YouTube channel indicating his wrestling career was over.
Hardy later pointed out in an interview with Lillian Garcia that he deliberately had never uttered or written the word “retire.”
Retirement is not a word I ever said. I never said retirement. I said, ‘I need to go home,’ and I really did.
In an interview with Lillian Garcia

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