7-Second Riddles

A new set of logic puzzles and unusual brain teasers that will test your logic and ability to think fast and straight:

00:14 – Tricky riddle for a great brain exercise.
Warm up your brain with this simple brain exercise! It will test your memory, logic and the ability to think quickly because you will have to memorize all the information and come up with the conclusion before the time is over. But if you are still sleepy and can’t get it right in time, feel free to pause the video and take your time. A nice riddle with answer to prepare your brain for a long working day😉
01:36 – Tricky pictures to test your vision and ability to spot the danger before it gets you!
03:42 – Easy riddle on crime – Logic puzzle.
This easy murder riddle can be cracked in second, but most adults take minutes or even hours! The crime riddle will test how fast you can spot details and see if you can distance yourself from the object and see the bigger picture!
05:07 – Trivia quiz – Unusual general knowledge question and answer.
An unbelievable trivia quiz that will make your jaws drop! This is a cool test with answers revealing the facts that are hard to even imagine (still you can try😉). We don’t think about how strongly all creatures in the world are connected. This trivia really made me review way of looking at things. What about me, I definitely have a goldfish memory😁
07:22 – Tricky riddle with answer.
You would never guess what happened to the python from this story as it’s a really unexpected final! I went over various options, but still failed to guess. If you can get it right, you’re either really smart or a vet (or it can be both😀). A tricky riddle with answer to tease your imagination and make you think outside the box. Tell me if you expected such a final!
08:59 – Detective riddle and murder puzzle!
Alright, detective! Take your hat and maybe a couple of donuts, a new case is waiting for you! This detective riddle can be solved by checking every evidence left behind at the crime scene! Most detectives would crack this murder puzzle in a couple of minutes, but you don’t need so much time for an easy riddle, right?!
10:14 – Tricky riddle to test your logic.
A tricky riddle about the stupidest boy is not as easy as it might seem to be! Only those who can think outside the box and consider even the craziest options will get the right answer. I believe you can do this if you use your power of creativity and brilliant logic! It’s a riddle with answer, but before the solution is revealed, share your ideas in the comments!
11:18 – Who is the thief – Cool riddles to test your analytical skills and attentiveness.
12:50 – Murder or Suicide? – Hard riddle.
Detective, put on your coat, a new case is waiting for you! The crime scene has evidence that will let you know whether it was a murder or suicide. This murder riddle will test your ability to see details, analyze information and connect the dots!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which one of these logic puzzles you managed to crack!

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