Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube Videos

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Tutorial showing the keyboard shortcuts for YouTube videos. You can control YouTube videos by using your keyboard keys. Use this list as a reference. You can find the list of keyboard shortcuts by clicking on your by YouTube profile picture (top right), to open up a menu. The YouTube keyboard shortcut list is located near the bottom of the menu (click it).
0:00 Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube Videos
0:03 Play/pause. k
0:09 Rewind 10 seconds. j
0:18 Fast forward 10 seconds. l
0:24 Previous frame (while paused). , (comma)
0:32 Next frame (while paused). . (period)
0:38 Decrease playback rate. SHIFT+, (Shift and comma at same time)
0:47 Increase playback rate. SHIFT+. (Shift and period at same time)
0:55 Seek to specific point in the video (7 advances to 70% of duration). 0…9
1:17 If the video supports captions, toggle captions ON/OFF. c
1:23 Rotate through different text opacity levels. o
1:42 Rotate through different window opacity levels. w
2:04 Toggle full screen. f
2:13 Toggle theater mode. t
2:20 Toggle miniplayer. i
2:31 Toggle mute. m
2:38 Previous video. P (SHIFT+p)
2:53 Next video. N (SHIFT+n)
3:01 Keyboard Shortcuts in Description
3:06 Subscribe
Not in the video:
Rotate through font sizes (increasing). +
Rotate through font sizes (decreasing). –

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