Is India Going to Ban 250 Chinese Apps Including PUBG Mobile?


The government has banned 47 Chinese apps in India. Near the end of June, 59 Chinese apps had been banned by the government to “protect national interest and security” — including the hugely popular TikTok app. Now, almost 50 more apps have been banned, for operating as clones of the previously banned apps — the list of particular apps banned in the fresh decision is yet to be announced. The 47 apps that have been banned by the latest decision of the government were operating as the clones of the 59 apps that were banned last month. A new report, citing government sources, said that the government had also prepared a list of over 250 apps, including PUBG Mobile, that would be examined for any user privacy or national security violations.

0:00 Introduction
0:48 Which 47 apps are banned?
1:32 Is PUBG Mobile banned?
2:23 Will Indian apps replace banned Chinese apps?
3:27 Should Chinese apps be banned?

Government Bans 47 More Chinese Apps in India After TikTok, 58 Others Banned in June: Report:

Anchor: Pranay Parab ()
Video Editor: Sumit Garg ()

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