Insane Riddles That’ll Break Your Head And Make You Sweat πŸ˜…

7-Second Riddles

Here is a set of insane riddles and trivia that will break your head and make you sweat! According to studies solving riddles is one of the fastest ways to improve your logical skills. These puzzles and brain games are pretty simple but only for those who have a high IQ score! So, I guess it’s time to test your intelligence πŸ˜‰

00:14 – A hard logic riddle to make the only right choice. Are you ready to face cruel vampire hunters and survive this experience?😜 What are your strengths and weaknesses that can save or destroy you? A riddle with an answer for the smartest people ever!
01:52 – A thrilling crime riddle that will make even the strongest detectives rack their brains! To find the answer on time, you will have to think quickly and consider even the most impossible ideas, so think outside the box!
02:53 – A fun picture puzzle to test your vision and exercise your brain! These are logic riddles that will teach you how to pay attention to even the smallest details that can be the key components of a brainteaser. Will you be able to crack the last one?
04:08 – A hard country quiz to improve your IQ level and increase your mental power! It’s divided into four levels and I don’t know any person who could cope with the last one! Will you be the first one to crack all these quiz questions?
08:34 – This is a mind-twisting crime riddle only the best detective can investigate. You will have to think outside the box and use all your logic and imagination to cope with this task. If you feel it’s too difficult (and it IS), just sit back and wait for the answer😜
09:39 – A fun trivia quiz that will prove our life is an incredible game we shouldn’t treat too serious! This trivia will amuse you and chill your brain after a long working day. Do you enjoy playing this game?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you do some hard thinking!

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