INFOGRAPHIC: When parties share candidates


“In the Philippines, there are no real political parties; only political families,” said political science professor Julio Teehankee.

And nowhere is this phenomenon more obvious than in an election year, when it has become common for major political parties to form coalitions with other major and smaller political parties, groups, and individuals.

It is also not odd to see these political coalitions disengage right after the elections, only to be revived in the next elections either with the same set of members, or with a different set of political parties and groups.

This situation has given rise to senatorial slates composed of a dizzying array of so-called “shared candidates” – senatorial wannabes who straddle two or even three political parties or coalitions.

Out of the 32 candidates who belong to a senatorial slate for instance, 12 are shared by the four political parties and coalitions that have endorsed a senatorial slate. Two of them – Susan Ople and Ralph Recto – have even joined three different senatorial slates.

This infographic illustrates the political coalitions in May 2016. It attempts to make sense of the different political slates and includes those candidates who have not been endorsed by any political coalition.

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